You are right! Let’s dance!

And let them say that we are crazy Mr. Rabbit?

Do you know any sane happy person?

You are right! Let’s dance!


If you are here, reading this, it is because you want your special day to be 100% yours.

Who is this website aimed for? It is aimed at you; busy people who want to make their time count on the things they love, without worrying about what could go wrong. It is aimed at you; people who want to do their wedding their way and not pander to anyone else’s preconceptions.

How may we help you?



Wedding Planner

Whether you need someone to simply guide you through the planning process or you just want to relax and let someone else take the load work form you to enjoy your time together , we have array of different service options to suit your needs.

Decor and Design

How many time have you seen photos on social media and gone “I want this for my wedding”? We help you choose those items that adjust to you to create the perfect day.


Not everything in life is to get married. Maybe you want to celebrate a graduation, a shower or an award ceremony. We are here to help you celebrate all the good things in life!

With our imagination and crafting abilities, we can make that fairy tale dream come true.

We would like you to see us as your ‘best friend’; the friend who has organised hundreds of special weddings.

The one that knows the industry, the suppliers and will save you time and headaches. The one that knows how to turn the impossible into the possible and, above all, the one that has a true interest in what you want for your special day.


A few kind words